About the Artist

Over the years John Monroe has experimented with various art forms and techniques ranging from creating life-size insect sculptures out of natural plant materials, to carving waterfowl from the Pacific Flyway from materials as widely varied as Manzanita to Pine 6×6’s from the lumber yard.

John Monroe has painted off and on through his whole adult life, however he picked up a paint brush and began painting in earnest after his retirement in 2002.  Today he is noted for his work both in watercolor and mixed media graphic design, which can be found in personal collections and galleries across the United States and Canada.

John Monroe Has a Masters Degree from California State University Sacramento and currently resides in an overgrown Victorian in Woodland, CA.

Artist Statement

I have always been fascinated with the attempt to capture some part of nature in it’s simplicity. It‘s from this fascination that the various expressions of oriental ink painting, such as sumi-e, have impressed me with the oriental artist’s ability to capture either a moment or nature’s simplicity in a few basic brush strokes.

I  claim no special knowledge or skill in these ancient techniques; however, it is the inspiration for the development of my own techniques.  Painting in this way has given me much pleasure, satisfaction, and insight into the beauty of the nature.  It is my hope that you may also enjoy these expressions.

I offer original work embracing a wide variety of natural subjects including birds, wildlife, animals of the African plain, stylized nudes, and occasional spiritual themes in watercolor and mixed media, as well as a selection of Limited Edition Giclee Prints, many in a  highly stylized Sumi-e or Impressionistic style.

About our Brand

Drybrushwet.com, drybrushwetstudios.com, and the Drybrushwet-Studios store on eBay are the ONLY Authorized retailers of loose (not matted or framed), prints produced from original watercolor and mixed media works created by John Monroe and Drybrushwet.

About our Prints

Our Archival Quality Giclee Prints

Our prints are printed on 100% acid free archival papers. They are printed using archival quality heavily pigmented inks – not the cheap, off the rack, inks that you buy for $12.

Our printer is a professional art printer. It uses a 8 ink palette for the ultimate in accurate color reproduction from the original watercolor painting. It has 8 print heads, each with 180 pins, and sprays 3.5 picoliter drops of pigmented ink so that there is NO visible pixilation in the prints, even under magnified conditions.

According to Wilhelm-research.com, an independent research firm that conducts research on the stability and preservation of traditional and digital color photographs and motion pictures, the combination of pigmented inks and papers we use for our Limited Edition and Archival Quality Prints – our print permanence ratings (the years before noticeable fading and/or changes in color balance occur) are as follows:

  • Prints displayed with acid free matting, framed and under glass: 118 years
  • Prints displayed with acid free matting, framed with UV filter glass: > 200 years
  • Prints displayed not framed in a bare bulb environment: 68 years
  • Prints stored in an acid free album/dark storage at 73°F & 50% relative humidity: >200 years

What do galleries think about “Giclee” Prints?

The vast majority of modern prints sold in galleries today are Giclee; both on paper and on canvas.

Many of today’s most collectible prints are made using this same technology we have in-house. This includes prints by Thomas Kinkade made by his printer of choice – LumiGraph Art; many of the prints (both paper and canvas) of Robert Bateman, and of Bev Doolittle are also reproduced in this manner.

It is our pleasure to produce beautiful high quality archival prints for you and your family to enjoy for generations to come.