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Big Chicken

I was driving down N street in Sacramento, when I saw this enormous chicken on someone’s front porch. I thought that it was kind of interesting so I took this photo. Later that evening Robin, who loves chickens, says “Hey, you ought to post that photo.”. I’m thinking, sure it’s a great image but what can I say about it? Well, nothing really; but it reminded me of another chicken episode.

One morning I heard a rooster crowing, and he sounded like he was very close by. I didn’t think that my neighbors had any chickens, so I went outside to look around and encountered a very lively rooster in the vegetable garden. As I got nearer, he took off and started flying around the garden. He then started to fly right at me, whereupon I ducked and he sailed right over my head off to who-knows-where.

From time to time I still hear him crowing in the morning. The crowing comes from different directions; sometimes far, sometimes near. I suppose that he’s foraging in someone else’s garden now.

A big chicken on the porch!

A big chicken on the porch!

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