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Maxwell School

Maxwell School

Maxwell School

They’re restoring the old Primary School in my hometown.  I’ve always thought that it was a great looking building;  plus I went to kindergarten there.  Looking at the photo I can’t help remembering the day when a skunk wandered onto the play ground.

We were at recess and it began ambling towards us.  We instantly spotted him;  and all the kids became eager to see what it was, and what it was doing.  I, on the other hand, having spent some time on a ranch, knew that this was not something to mess with.  But I didn’t know that we really shouldn’t be seeing it in daylight hours.  It may likely have had rabies! 

Some of the boys then began to approach the little guy.  It was unafraid and moved closer towards us.  But then suddenly the teacher appeared, grabbed the ringleaders, and marshalled us all inside.  I have no idea of whatever became of the little invader.

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