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The “32” Ford 2 door sedan

1932 two door sedan

1932 two door sedan

There’s a radio show that I listen to from time to time, and the host once asked a question of those of us who have a few miles on the odometer.  He asked, ” When you look back is there some time in your life  that pops up more frequently than others?”.  The answer of quite a few was that it was some period in high school, and then years may go by where nothing actually stands out.  The host suggested that these episodes may be transforming moments in one’s life.

For me no one time stands out above all others, but I do recall this time in high school where I used the money that I had earned during the summer to buy this 1932 ford 2 door sedan.  It had no engine or running gear, so my friend Ranse and I took a trip to San Francisco and towed it back to town.  I had a $50 box of tools from Sears, and absolutely no automotive knowledge.  After much difficulty I did manage, however, to install an engine, drive train, and whatever other mechanical stuff that it needed.   But now , although it was  mechanically complete, this thing had absolutely no wiring whatsoever!  My electrical knowledge consisted of the time that I almost electrocuted myself sticking a key into an empty lamp socket.

None-the-less, I borrowed a book on electricity from the local library and then proceded to wire my 32 ford.  Basically, it all came together quite well.  I drove the sedan for several years before turning it over to my younger brother.  Maybe because it was a “transforming moment” that it sticks in my mind.  It was a time when you say to yourself   ” Hey, I can do this!” and you do it.

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