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The “49” Ford

1949 Ford two-door coupe

1949 Ford two-door coupe

Recently a train broke down while crossing the English channel in the “Chunnel”. They later found out that in the exceptionally cold weather some extremely dry powdered snow had blown into the engine compartment, and caused the engine too fail when then snow had melted.
It reminded me of the time that we took a 1949 Ford up into the Dakotas in the dead of winter. The old Ford actually did quite well on the trip, however the heater left something to be desired. When it got really cold you could only see through a small six inch diameter circle in the windshield. On the other hand, it started more easily when it was cold than when it was warm.
Several days after we had arrived at our destination, somewhere near the Canadian border, I went out in the morning to put the battery in the car. I had been taking it out at night because the temperature had been getting down to twenty below. There had been a strong wind, and it had been lightly snowing all night. There were some drifts of snow, but none on the ground to speak of. So you can imagine my surprise when I lifted the hood and found it packed full of snow! It was nearly solid as an ice block.
I was informed by Robin’s dad that this was quite common under these conditions, when the dry powdered snow gets packed by the wind into an enclosed space. It took a lot of chipping and scooping to free the engine from it’s frozen prison.
I’m thinking that perhaps if I had not taken the battery out, and the engine had somehow started that the “49” would have met the same fate as the “Chunnel” train.
After that the old Ford gave us quite a few more adventures before we made it back to California.

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