While out for a drive…
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The Morning Paper

When I actually commit to doing some exercise, I usually try to jog for a couple of miles, early in the morning. I prefer to run in the street on the asphalt, since I once had an unpleasant collision with the concrete by tripping on an upraised crack in the sidewalk while running. And, after all, there’s no traffic at this time in the morning; it should be perfectly safe.

 But, Surprise! There is “another” who is out, and taking advantage of the traffic freedom. It’s the dreaded paper carrier, with his sudden appearances, and unpredictable moves. Who can comprehend the torturous mental aberrations that it took to plan his route. There he is; he turns left just ahead of me. Ah, I’m safe. But no! In no time at all he’s speeding down an alley towards me. I race ahead to get out of his way, hopelessly trying to predict his next appearance. Then, finally, I make it home safely, and pick up the paper which has been delivered in the interim.

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