While out for a drive…

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Orson & Peabody

Flash Flood

Orson and Peabody have an adventure

Orson and Peabody have an adventure

Orson and Peabody were on a road trip, as they often are, driving into  high desert country.  Off to the west the sky had begun to darken.  It appeared to be a downpour out there, but it was miles away.  Then what once appeared to be a dry gully just ahead was suddenly swollen with dark muddy water!  Orson switched the Rover into four wheel drive and began to inch across, but the water was up to the floorboards.  The vehicle suddenly began to move sideways– downstream!   And then they were afloat, being swept down the canyon.

Peabody reaches into the back and grabs a paddle from the canoe.  Shoving the paddle towards Orson,  Peabody yells  “Take this!”.   They begin paddling furiously toward the shore,  and they finally manage to beach themselves on a small outcropping.  At last, safely on dry ground, Orson is able to start the engine.  Now, chastened but relieved, they head back to the road to continue their journey.

Interesting Cloud Formations

Laying back and observing cloud formations has always caused me to wander off into some reverie, especially when they are far off on the horizon. What is it about distance that seems to encourage the mystery. It reminds me of a popular old comic called “Prince Valiant” created by Hal Foster. He drew some grand landscapes ( when the panels were large enough to do that sort of thing) with great cloud formations.
Below are some “not-so-great” cloud formations, but with their own interesting characteristics!

Interesting cloud formations

Interesting cloud formations

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