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Little Jack

The veggie garden is not even planted yet, but the rabbits are already showing up. This little jack rabbit is one of the first, however there is also a multitude of cottontails ready to dine on those first tender green little morsels.

Better early than late!

Better early than late!

Sarge’s Zucchini

vegetable garden at Sarge's

"Zucchini Dreams"

The tomatoes have hardly set, but we’re getting lots of squash. Yesterday we grilled some of the first fruits: they were delicious !(and the steaks were good too).

Tomato Garden Finale

Is it lunch yet?

I don’t think that my little friend is getting lunch today!
The end the season for Sarge’s Cache creek vegetable garden has arrived. This year we put down straw for weed control and water conservation. Now I have the garden roto-tilled and the straw all piled up to compost over the winter.

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