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Gray Squirrel’s Cache

Gray Squirrel- Watercolor- by John Monroe

Gray Squirrel- Watercolor- by John Monroe

I once heard of a man who lived alone in the back country. Many of the local animals became used to his presence over time, but there was this gray squirrel that became exceptionally friendly,coming into his cabin, and even spending the night there. However, the man became suspicious when certain items began to go missing. The mystery was solved,however, when he discovered a cache of his brightly colored fishing lures. Apparently the gray squirrel became enamored of these little gems.

American White Pelican

Many of the American White Pelicans winter around here in central California. I especially find them an amazing sight while they are flying in formation.

This is a new print of mine from watercolor.



Here’s my attempt using “wet on wet” to paint a rose growing in the front garden.

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