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Burning the Autumn Leaves

It’s fall and I’ve been raking leaves.  They seem to never quit falling.  It’s amazing how many leaves are on a tree!  Now we put them in the street; we used to burn them. Of course you haven’t been allowed to do that for quite some time.  It’s probably not so common anymore to  have those memories of the wonderful smell of burning leaves in the fall.

That smell also reminds me of a boy that  made a giant pile of leaves in a vacant lot.  He then decided to do some un-authorized burning.  On a normal weekend in  the neighborhood there would be several small piles of leaves smoldering away.  But on this weekend there were no burning leaves because a north wind was beginning to pick up.  However, Billy was not concerned about the wind; he was determined to burn that pile. 

As the leaves began to burn and the north wind picked up, things began to get out of hand.  The wind began to disperse the pile, sending burning leaves down the street.  And eddies of wind began lifting burning embers into the sky. It was turning into a real disaster!  But  finally the fire department showed up and got things under control.    And that was the last of Billy’s leaf burning escapades.

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