While out for a drive…
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Western Spotted Orb Weaver

western spotted orb weaver


The other morning I was out gathering tomatoes in the vegetable garden at Sarge’s. As I walked between the plants I suddenly fell into a large web of the Western Spotted Orb Weaver (a large and impressive garden spider). ” Boy, this stuff is really sticky and strong!” Then before I knew what was happening; there she was grabbing and spinning me with those eight huge legs, wrapping me tightly in a prison of webbing. Soon I was immobilized and staring into her malevolent jaws! Terrified, I expected my immediate demise; but then she moved off to another portion of the web.
As she was eyeing other prey I saw my chance; working quietly with my freshly sharpened pocket knife, I began to cut away the strands, one by one. Soon I was free, and no worse for wear, I continued picking my tomatoes; keeping an eye out for other predators.

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