While out for a drive…
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Alligator Lizard

I was cleaning up the wild area at Sarge’s Cache Creek ranch;  it was thick with dried thistles and fallen tree limbs.  As I reached down to pick up a dead branch I saw something in the corner of my eye.  Something moved!  “What was that!”   I didn’t see anything else so I returned to my chore, but suddenly there was another flash of movement.  I quickly turned around and spotted something scaly and squirming!  Surprised by the sight, I stumbled backwards, imagining the rattlesnakes that I had seen in this area. Then I looked more closely, it was an Alligator lizard. “Whew, that was a scare!” I took some pictures, but I didn’t pick him up; I think that they call it an Alligator lizard because it bites like an alligator.

Alligator lizard

A ferocious looking character!

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