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Bobcat (Lynx rufus)

As I was working on a barn out at Sarge’s Cache creek ranch, I spotted
movement down in the bottom of the creek. Aha! It was a bobcat; a magnificent little creature. For a while he evaded my sighting him, as his colors were blending in so well with the background.
Last year, when the creek was at low flow, I saw a similar cat effortlessly jump the creek from a standstill. The leap was, perhaps, fifteen feet or more! For it’s body size the legs are proportionately very long.
He spotted me right away, but I managed to get a few photographs before he moved on.

He spots me!

One Response to Bobcat (Lynx rufus)

  • sarge reynolds says:

    To give this sighting some perspective – the picture was taken from 45 feet above and over 60′ laterally away from the bobcat yet the cat spotted John right away. There has been one bobcat in residence in the neighborhood but you almost never see it (since 1970 I have seen such a critter exactly ZERO times).

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