While out for a drive…
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Bullock’s Oriole


 My bright yellow bird has yet again appeared upon the scene.  This time,however, I noticed a deep patch of orange under the neck and across the upper part of his breast.  Still unidentified, I had a couple of possibilities in mind, but I have never seen him well enough to be sure. However, from his size and color, I now think that he may be a Bulloclk’s Oriole. In the places where I last saw him I’ve been playing a recording of his call, but to no avail. They’re supposed to be rare and secretive, and I’ve never seen one around here. Then again I may actually have a blurry photo of him. His image may have been captured in a bizarre photographic incident, to be described in a later post. Stay tuned.

The photo above comes from allaboutbirds.com

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