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Cooper’s Hawk & Red-winged Blackbird

cooper's hawk & red-wing blackbird

Red-wing in charge!

The Cooper’s hawk is a real terror for smaller birds.  While hunting they like to fly fast and low through wooded areas.  Around here they will stake out a walnut orchard for their own personal hunting grounds.  I’ve seen their terrible proficiency in capturing small birds.  With this in mind I was surprised to see an occasion where the tables were turned.  Apparently this one Cooper’s hawk had ventured into a breeding area of Red-winged blackbirds.  There was this Cooper’s hawk trying to make it to the security of a tree with a Red-winged blackbird firmly attached to it’s back.  I lost sight of them, so I don’t know how the story turned out;  but it seemed like the Red-winged blackbird was squarely in control of the situation.

One Response to Cooper’s Hawk & Red-winged Blackbird

  • sarge reynolds says:

    This picture cries for a caption contest. I shall forego entering as mine are tending to be distinctly not politically correct.

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