While out for a drive…
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Digital Dreams ?


photo of western diamondback rattlesnake

Snakes Alive!

I was observing a group Yellow-billed Magpies and trying to get a few photos.  So I thought that I would sit down under this large Cottonwood and wait for them to settle down.  As I sat there watching, and listening to the dry cottonwood leaves rustling in the breeze, I must have dozed off and began dreaming of poisonous serpents.  Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes to be exact;  they were all around me, dozens of them.  Everywhere there were snakes;  I looked over at some rocks in the grass and they became a pile of slithering serpents.

I was in an absolute panic;  and then I had a “brilliant” idea!  One at a time I began to take pictures of them, capturing them in digital form on my four gigabyte memory card.  Sure enough, with each shot a rattler would  disappear.  But wait, the electronic  time delay between  photos was taking way too long;  surely they would soon overwhelm me!  Alas, I finally awoke escaping a gruesome fate;  and found, to my shocked surprise, an empty memory card.

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