While out for a drive…
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Dunnigan Hills

 I head out across the hilly terrain.  The sun is beating down on these rolling hills covered with dry yellow grass.  As I hike, I am heading  into a light wind coming out of the north.  High overhead a pair of Turkey Vultures are riding on a thermal.  Did I mention that it is warm?  Did I bring enough water? 

After a while I approach a lone Cottonwood.  Sitting  down in the relief of it’s shade, I pull out my canteen.  Good!  The water is still cool.  As I sit there I can hear the Cottonwood leaves rustling in the wind:  it is a good sound.  As I rest here in the Dunnigan Hills I am almost alone, but not quite.  There is a Yellow-billed Magpie perched on a branch nearby, nervously sharing the shelter on this hot summer day.

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