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Migrating Geese

The other day I heard geese flying overhead for the first time this year. I love to hear them honking away. It is truly a beautiful sound, somehow conveying a feeling of far away places somewhere in the vast arctic wilderness.

On the move

On the move

2 Responses to Migrating Geese

  • sargent T reynolds says:

    Notice the “odd man out” – he (she?) is a White Fronted or Tule goose. It is debated that this is a seperate species or merely a color phase of snow geese. I favor seperate species. These are Lesser Snow Geese – Greater snows are found to the east of the Pacific Flyway. Wow – TMI perhaps?

  • sargent T reynolds says:

    Have been trying with no luck to find the waterfowl references from back when I was hunting. The more I think about it, White Fronts/Tules are a seperate species from Snows. White Fronts were (and I’d guess still are)one of the preferred geese to bag.

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