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Morning Running and the Cats

somebody's catI’ve been having to do my running earlier and earlier in the morning, and it really gets dark out there.  The darkness must be the normal elements for cats, because they seem to be everywhere.  Some of them run for cover as I approach, and other just stand there in nonchalance and allow me to pass by.  There are a few hard cases who congregate at the street corners  beneath the street lights in little neighborhood gangs;  just looking for trouble, no doubt.  Then there are those who crawl along the gutter in the darkest shadows  like they’re trying to cloak their very existence.  All in all it is fairly entertaining;  helping  to pass the time as I run.

One Response to Morning Running and the Cats

  • sargent T reynolds says:

    Booth: (Viewing gory remains) What do you make of this one, Bones?
    Bones: Another jogger eaten by cats, Booth. When will they ever learn?
    Sorry, gang, de debbil made me do it.

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