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Mysterious Bobcat Behavior

I used to see this bobcat patrolling the creek from time to time. A little before I actually took this photograph I heard a cat screaming very loudly from a distance. A friend and I began to approach the area where the cat was crouched in a tree, hoping to get close enough for this picture.

We came very near and still he didn’t move. We were there quite a while and I made attempts to encourage him to move in order to get a better photo shot. But to no avail; he was not going anywhere!

It was very uncharacteristic behavior for a bobcat. He seemed healthy, and there was thick cover beneath him. It appeared to us that there was something much more frightening to him than a couple of humans.

Some weeks later we got a report from a neighbor, about a half mile up the creek, that she had a surprise meeting with a mountion lion in the heavy cover along the creek. Obviously enough, that appears to be the explanation for our mysterious bobcat behavior!

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