While out for a drive…
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Of Bright Yellow Birds & Ring-necked Pheasants

Cock Pheasant

Ring-necked pheasant sneaking out of the tall grass

Right in front of me I see the bright flash of yellow of some kind of bird as it disappears behind the branches of a tree. It appeared larger than a goldfinch; so what could it be? I see it again as it moves between trees. I grab my camera and decide to follow it. Stumbling through the underbrush, I can’t get it in the viewfinder. This is rapidly becoming tiring, so I sit down, pull out my thermos, and pour a cup of coffee.

As I sit there I notice something stirring in the tall grass. I am completely taken by surprise as a ring-necked pheasant suddenly appears. With my camera at the ready I take a quick picture, and then just as suddenly he’s gone. Oh well, no yellow bird, but a beautiful cock pheasant!

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