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Persimmons and Cedar Waxwings

cedar waxwings in the persimmons

cedar waxwings in the persimmons

The persimmons are done for the season.  The lower hanging ones have been harvested, and the leaves have completely fallen off the tree.  What’s left higher up in the tree is being finished off by the birds.

Last year a flock of cedar waxwings swooped in and just about depleted the remainder of the crop by themselves.  But there is always a bunch that manage to survive the birds.  They just hang there and rot, until they become slimey little liquid bombs!   And then they fall randomly on the “unsuspecting”, exploding on contact into a gooey mess.

They seem to be a popular little fruit, but I just like to photograph the birds, and stay out of the way of the persimmons at this time of the year.

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