While out for a drive…
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Red-Winged Blackbird and Story

red-winged blackbird  ink on paper  by  John Monroe

red-winged blackbird ink on paper by John Monroe

Many years ago, when I was in college, I had a friend who loved red-winged blackbirds. Jerry, believing that red-winged blackbirds were  magical birds, proceeded to tell me a story.  He was once lost on a deserted country road in unfamiliar territory. When finally becoming more and more disoriented, he just stopped the vehicle in a quandary over which way to go. At that point this bird, a red-winged blackbird, landed on his hood. The bird then began to move in some strange and indescribable manner, which Jerry interpreted as directional instruction.  Then,  following the advice of  this “muse”, he found his way back to familiar territory and continued his adventure.

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