While out for a drive…
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The Chicken

Free ranging

Free ranging

We used to have a few chickens;  and then after a while there was just this one chicken left.  She would generally stay in her pen, but occaisionally she would fly over the fence to free-range in the back yard.  Then when she had her fill of whatever she could find, she would want back in the pen.  But she wouldn’t fly back over the fence, so then I would have to round her up.  This was easier said than done;  so that’s where “Rags” came in.

Rags was a liver and white springer spaniel,  and she had a natural affinity for birds.  She would chase the chicken down and grab the bird in her mouth.  Being a great little bird dog, she had a very “soft mouth”;  and not a feather of that old bird was ever disturbed.  Rags would then bring the chicken to me, and I would toss her back in the pen.  And that was our arrangement for quite some time.

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