While out for a drive…
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The Fog

A shallow tule fog

A shallow tule fog

I’m out for an early morning drive and it looks like there are some foggy  areas.  I love to take pictures of the fog; like when it’s creeping over the hills off in the distance, or when it’s lying low and shallow in some valley where just the tree tops are showing.

 “Hey look! There’s a fog bank around that curve.” I stop and take a quick picture and continue on. Suddenly I am in the fogbank. Now it’s a different world entirely. Colors and shapes are gone, it’s just a flat gray; and I can barely see a hundred feet ahead. This is no fun! I’m just glad for the fog line alongside the road( that was a great idea. We didn’t have fog lines when I was learning to drive).

 I’ve driven this road dozens of times, but now I’m feeling disoriented; I’m seeing landmarks that aren’t there. Driving in the fog is definitely unpleasant, and very strange. Sometimes it feels like you’re climbing a slight grade, when you know that it’s perfectly flat. Is that my turnoff? Oh well, too late now. Wait! The fog is getting lighter up ahead. Suddenly I am free; I have left the fog behind me. I pull over to the side of the road. “Hey, I think I’ll take a picture of that fog bank behind me.”

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