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Waterfowl Convention

It’s a December morning in the Yolo bypass wildlife area. The sun is just above the horizon;  it’s crystal clear, and the temperature is about 26 degrees.

 It’s an amazing scene with thousands of birds in the air.  There is a myriad of species of ducks and geese congregating here. Close in, there are countless numbers of snow geese circling over the water. Further away there are other huge flocks of geese; some are arising and others descending to the surface. Up above, at varying elevations, there are formations of waterfowl moving different directions.
The various sounds of the bird’s calls combine into a huge cacophony.   The whole scene seethes with a feeling of grand significance. Of course, it’s not the first time that I’ve seen this panorama of waterfowl, but it never ceases to overwhelm the senses.  You might say it’s  like staring into the Grand Canyon, or looking up at the Milky Way.

 I think that I’ll hang around for a while and enjoy the proceedings.

geese arising

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