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White-lined Sphinx Moth (Hiles lineata)

white-lined sphinx moth

Friday when leaving for work I noticed this moth on my porch, of course I had to return to the house and get the camera. I have seen these moths at various times throughout the years and always sort of thought that they were from the tomato hookworm, though now I know that they are something completely different.  While the White-lined Sphinx Moth will eat tomato plants in its caterpillar stage, the moth that is actually most commonly referred to a tomato moth is the Tobacco Sphinx Moth.

 This moth is the White-lined Sphinx Moth, often called the “Hawk Moth.”  The moth that visited my porch measured 3″ long.

This really beautiful moth is widely distributed across the United States but most common in the western U.S., and as an adult it likes to feed on the nectar of such flowers as the columbines, larkspurs, petunias, honeysuckle, moonvine, bouncing bet, lilac, clovers, thistles, and plants in the Jimpson weed family.

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