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Willow Slough

It’s early one summer morning and I’m walking along the banks of a slough here in the valley.  I am just looking around and trying to spark some inspiration for a possible painting.  It’s summer, but the morning is cool and there is dew on the ground.  Suddenly a covey of valley quail flushes and startles me.  As I walk on I see several of my favorite birds.  There is a group of noisy yellow-billed magpies,  and a number of scrub jays flitting about.  I spot a mockingbird  flying from place to place, as if he were orchestrating the  whole scene.

Then I hike around a bend in the slough, and come upon a huge pool.  There is nothing like this in the rest of this waterway; the pool is deep and still.  I stop to look, and at once I see something beneath the surface!  It is a huge dark shadow undulating very slowly.  I can’t make it out,  but it must be a very large fish of some sort.

My friend Sarge had once told me that, years ago, he had been fishing in these waters and had tied into a monstrous black bass. Then he said that after a ferocious fight,  that the creature had stripped his reel and had gotten away.   Perhaps this is that same monster fish, still lurking in these muddy waters.

I continue on my walk;  maybe there will be fishes in a new painting.

One Response to Willow Slough

  • sargent T reynolds says:

    John, The truth goes beyond your story. The two largest black bass I’ve seen were in Willow Slough. Both were HUGE – in the 15# class – and both eluded my efforts to a) hook and in the event of a successful a) land the monster. Need I say part a) was not successful?

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