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blacktail deer

Blacktail Deer

This little buck and a friend appeared to be taking a short-cut across a grain field when I got this shot.

Olive Loving Blacktails

Last week I roto-tilled in some manure for next year’s tomatoes;  then yesterday when I came back I noticed deer tracks in the area. There is an olive tree on the northeast corner of the garden, and that seems to be where  most of the activity was. There has been quite a few olives falling onto the ground; and apparently the deer have found these to be quite the delicacy.
They must have come in under the cover of night, since  I have never seen them myself;  although Sarge has espied them in the walnut orchard from time to time. I’m sure that they are Blacktail like these that I have photographed at a different time and place in the area.

The Bullock’s Oriole Incident

I’m looking at this interesting rock formation on the side of a hill. I take out the camera and focus on the scene in the viewfinder; and just as I activate the shutter I see something moving within the frame. Then as I lower the camera and look, I see a doe and her fawn run past the rock formation. Sure enough! They were inadvertently captured in the photograph. Later when I viewed the photo on a large monitor, I noticed something curious way to the left of the field of view. There was this bright spot of yellow and orange! Could it be my Bullock’s Oriole? It sort of looks like a flying bird and it’s the right size.
It’s kind of bizarre that the deer ended up in my photo; but it’s almost beyond coincidence that my mystery bird could also have it’s image caught in this unlikely happenstance. And yet I do believe that it is my Bullock’s Oriole.

possible bullock's  oriole

Doe, fawn, and possible Bullock's Oriole in bizarre photo accident

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