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Cache creek

Otter in the Creek

otter in creek

There hasn’t been very much sign of fish in Cache creek for quite some time. The herons, diving ducks, and kingfishers haven’t been coming around. So I was surprised last week to see three mergansers and an otter. That’s a pretty optimistic sign; at least for a while. They’re probably coming up the creek from the Sacramento river during flood stage. We think that they’re being blocked upstream by the gravel industry.

Bobcat (Lynx rufus)

As I was working on a barn out at Sarge’s Cache creek ranch, I spotted
movement down in the bottom of the creek. Aha! It was a bobcat; a magnificent little creature. For a while he evaded my sighting him, as his colors were blending in so well with the background.
Last year, when the creek was at low flow, I saw a similar cat effortlessly jump the creek from a standstill. The leap was, perhaps, fifteen feet or more! For it’s body size the legs are proportionately very long.
He spotted me right away, but I managed to get a few photographs before he moved on.

He spots me!

The Woodshed

As I have reported earlier from Sarge’s Cache creek ranch, a barn and some out-buildings have been lost to the creek during high water.
We’re rescuing, at least temporarily, some of the other buildings that are further away from the creek’s edge.
Right now I’m restoring this smaller structure that will be used as a woodshed.

Cache creek reclaiming the land

Cache creek reclaiming the land

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