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Cool Water

Hidden Surprises

There was a steady hot wind coming down out of the the coastal hills.  As I scanned the hillside nothing was moving save the undulating waves of dried grass.  Earlier I thought that I saw a small deer moving into a brushy area, but now everything was still, not a bird, not a squirrel, nothing.  I began thinking of another similar place when I was walking through buck-brush down a hot canyon, and my canteen was bone dry.  The brush forced force me towards the center of the draw where the walls became steeper and I moved into a deep narrow ravine.  It was shaded with overgrowth and I could feel the temperature drop by several degrees. At that point  I thought that I heard a gurgling noise;  I looked down, and YES  there  was a small stream of water falling into a little pool.  As I reached down to scoop up a handful of the precious stuff  I saw movement beneath the surface.  There were fish!  I saw tiny trout about two inches long swimming about in the cool water.  I am still amazed at what I found hidden down there in the bottom of that canyon on a hot and dry California  summer afternoon.

California Duck Days

Cailfornia Duck Days, a wetlands wildlife festival in the heart of the Pacific Flyway, will be held in Davis on february 20 and 21.


American White Pelican

Many of the American White Pelicans winter around here in central California. I especially find them an amazing sight while they are flying in formation.

This is a new print of mine from watercolor.

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