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Fish Spotting



I had mentioned in an earlier post that I thought that fish were being blocked from coming downstream in Cache creek below the town of Madison. That still may be the case, but I did spot some fish moving quickly upstream recently. I really couldn’t positively identify what they were, but I think that they may have  been catfish.

Fishing with the Great Blue Heron

A Great Blue heron

I was reading about a young man, that I remember as Dave, who was catfishing along a local slough. Dave was sitting on the bank having some pretty good luck and catching a lot a fish. As he was pulling them out, he was laying them beside himself on the shore.
It was very quiet and calm as he sat there enjoying the cool of the morning. And then at some point, Dave heard some rustling noise behind him; he turned around to look but there was just a wall of tules. He returned to fishing, and then he heard it again. ” What in the world…!” Again he looked around; there was nothing there.
He continued fishing; and as the morning sun began to warm him up, he began to become a little drowsy. And then, all of a sudden, a loud ” squawking” noise startled him from his half-sleep; he  turned to see this huge Great Blue heron making a get-away with the largest of the catfish!
My experience was a little more mundane as I captured this photo.

Bullhead Catfish

As kids we fished for bullhead catfish a lot. They would bite on just about anything; and the creeks and sloughs were full of them. Dipped in corn meal and fried in a generous layer of oil, they made a very tasty meal. They could ,however, be difficult to clean. We would nail their heads to a wooden plank; and being careful of the sharp spines, use pliers to pull the skin off. Perhaps a little gruesome, but effective!

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