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coopers hawk

Cooper’s Hawk on the Hunt

I regularly drive up Highway 70 above Marysville,CA.  It’s orchard country,and I often catch glimpses of a Cooper’s Hawk swooping low through the trees in pursuit of some small bird that is frantically trying to evade those deadly talons.


Immature Cooper’s Hawk

A photo and sketch of a young Cooper’s Hawk that I came across the other day.

Another Cooper’s Hawk

photo of Cooper's hawk flying the trees

through the trees.

I recently posted about a low flying Cooper’s hawk, but the only photo of mine that I had was of one flying overhead. I know; he was up there for a long time! The other day a Cooper’s hawk buzzed me again; and he was gone before I could even look at my camera. Recently, however, I got this shot of a Cooper’s flying through the trees out by the Sacrament river.

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