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Little Jack

The veggie garden is not even planted yet, but the rabbits are already showing up. This little jack rabbit is one of the first, however there is also a multitude of cottontails ready to dine on those first tender green little morsels.

Better early than late!

Better early than late!

Golden Crowned Sparrow

I was surprised to see this little bird; I don’t think I’ve seen a Golden-crowned Sparrow before or at least I hadn’t noticed. For most of the year I think that they hang out along the northern Pacific coast. This morning he and some friends were eating (along with a cottontail) some “hen scratch” that Ranse had scattered earlier.

Rabbit Fence

So much for my rabbit fence.

The rabbit fence was the first thing to go up while planting the vegetable garden out at Sarge’s this year.  It was a good fence!  But, alas, there are no perfect fences.  So here is my little friend reclining at his leisure in the Cottontail “free” area.

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