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gray fox

Gray Fox Revisited

I’m trying out my Wacom drawing board, and attempting to get used to the feel of the pen. This is a sketch from a photo I took, a while back, of a Gray Fox that a I came across in the local area.

The Gray Fox Again

Not very nervous.

I saw the Gray fox again, probably the same one; it was a nearby location and he was about the same size. Not being as skittish as last time; he seemed more curious than afraid. As he wandered off into the tall grass another one appeared and followed behind him. I’m guessing that they are siblings and about a year old.

A Young Gray Fox

A young Gray Fox on the hunt

This little Gray Fox appeared to be hunting  Ground Squirrels, which  are plentiful in this area.  The squirrels were well aware of him and making a lot of warning noises.  The fox, frustrated, was pretty small and youngish;  it could have been his first time out on his own.  I wished him good fortune and a successful hunt.

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