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Poison Oak

A few weeks ago I was cleaning out some brush and got a really good dose of poison oak.

I knew that it was there, and it barely touched me; but it had no mercy, and it seemed to take forever to go away!

The plant has lots of variations in color, and in the shape and size of the leaves. Plus, it can be very beautiful!

poison oak

Peabody to the Rescue!

In a previous episode, one of Orson’s favorite socks escaped into unknown regions.

Peabody, in sympathy with Orson’s loss, assumes his super-hero persona and rips open the very fabric of the time-space continuum and retrieves the hapless fugitive.

Peabody retrieves the missing sock.

Peabody retrieves the missing sock.

Wolverines at Tahoe

Some photos and other evidence of wolverines in the Tahoe National Forest has recently been reported.

from billybear4kids.com

from billybear4kids.com

Wolverine by JMonroe

Wolverine by JMonroe

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