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praying mantis

Praying Mantis

This really impressive Praying mantis was protecting my tomato garden and consuming many unwelcome insect marauders. So I thought that I would memorialize her in a graphic representation on a coffee cup.
The finished cup is available in my Cafe Press store.

Praying Mantis, Playing Dead

I spotted her on top of this 30 gallon drum. Then when I began to photograph her, she just lay down and appeared to have deceased. Moments later she got up and continued on her way. I suppose many creatures do that when the situation seems to warrant it, but I’ve never before seen a praying mantis do it.

Playing dead!

Playing dead!

The Pale Mantis

Location: Sarge’s Cache Creek Ranch

I was working on the pumphouse one Saturday morning, and this praying mantis was directly in front of me, but nearly escaped my eye. He ( I believe it is a male), apparently changed his color to match the pumphouse paint. Can they match any color at all?  I would be interested in any enlightenment!


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