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red breasted sapsucker

Red-breasted Sapsucker II

This is a better photo of the red-breasted sapsucker that I’ve been watching.  At least it’s a clearer picture of his head and breast.  He’s been at this same spot quite a bit, but he won’t come around to my side of the tree.  Suspicious little sucker!

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

This little bird was feeding at the same place as the Red-breasted sapsucker; sometimes at the same time. A hummingbird also came around from time to time and joined in the feast. There appear to be a great many little birds that look similar to this one, but I’m pretty sure that it is the Ruby-crowned kinglet!

Red-breasted Sapsucker

Not the best photo; and at first I thought that it was Nuttall’s woodpecker, but looking at the full red on the head and breast I think that this is the Red-breasted sapsucker.

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