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Gila Monster

gila monster graphic design

I find the natural patterns on plants and animals to be extremely fascinating. The colors and patterns serve many purposes, of course. They may be an attractive sexual display, a warning, or camouflage;  the beaded pattern on the Gila Monster holds a particular attraction for me.  I suppose that the colors are a warning of the reptile’s poisonous nature, and it’s quite beautiful. I’ve done a few drawings in an attempt to portray the simplicity and beauty of that pattern.

In the future I may concentrate on the appearance of the “beads” themselves. This picture is an example of a graphic image that is for sale on T shirts, and other products in my Cafe Press store.

Magpie in Flight

A new image of one of my favorite characters seen around here in the Sacramento valley. You can also see it on a T shirt in my Giftshop.


Zebra Butterfly


A new design for the Drybrushwet Giftshop.

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