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Red-breasted Sapsucker

Not the best photo; and at first I thought that it was Nuttall’s woodpecker, but looking at the full red on the head and breast I think that this is the Red-breasted sapsucker.

Nuttalls Woodpecker

I heard this woodpecker making quite a racket, so I headed out to investigate.  I finally found him, but it was difficult to get close enough to get a good picture.

The nuttals and the ladder-backed woodpeckers are very similar in appearance, but I think that it’s markings and bill length indicate that it is a nuttals woodpecker.  On this identification I used Whatbird.com; I’ve found it accurate and simple to use.

photo of nuttalls woodpecker

nuttalls woodpecker on oak tree

Cherry Glen Road

I’m pulling off on a road through the Pacific coast foothills. I need a cup of coffee, so I find a place to stop. As I’m pouring my coffee, I spot some interesting activity on a tree just ahead. I can’t tell what it is; at first I think that it is a gray squirrel. Then I notice something bright red! It’s some kind of woodpecker. I want to get a photograph of it.
Now it’s on the opposite side of the tree, so I wait for it to move around. However, as usual, I rapidly grow impatient. So now, with  camera in hand, I get out of the vehicle and walk closer to the tree in order to get a better view. Surprise! surprise! I do get a better view– as he flies away!
Interestingly enough, when I return to this spot at a later date there he is on the same tree. But alas, secretive little devil that he is, I miss a second photo opportunity. Down the road though, I do get a photo of a woodpecker on a utility pole. I think this one is an acorn woodpecker. It may be the same kind, but I’m not convinced. I’ll come back to that tree another time.

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