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Brenner Pass

Road trip to Italy

Road trip to Italy

The other day I was thinking about some of the cars that I have owned, and I came across this old photo.

One winter in Germany when I was in the army, some friends and I decided to take a trip to Italy.
We got this great old vehicle ( I have not a clue what it is ) for almost nothing, I suppose because only the front brakes were operable. But it got us over the Brenner pass in Austria, from Germany to Italy and back, after a fashion.

One Response to Brenner Pass

  • sargent T reynolds says:

    I think it is an Opal (then part of GM family – notice 65 chevvy type grill, well I think it was in ’65 when chevvy grills looked like that). Would fit in with your ’32 Ford where only the front gears worked IIRC.

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