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Sarge’s Tomato Garden – Update

Someone asked me about the “Red Stuff” that my friend Sarge put around his tomatoes, and so I thought I would mention it here.

 The “Red Stuff” is  “S R M Red” purchased from Totally Tomatoes.

Here is what their website says about it:

Increases tomato production 12 to 20 percent over traditional black mulch! Developed by Clemson University and the USDA. Thin plastic film uses a patented technology to reflect wave length-specific infrared light from the sun up into the plant. Also warms the soil and retains moisture.

At Cache Creek Ranch, the hope is that it will keep weeds down and assist with retaining moisture since the price of water in rural California keeps going up.  I will keep you posted as the season wears on to how well it performs here in Yolo County California.

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